New Traffic Permit Application through Web Portal Instructions

Applying for a New Traffic Permit through Portal

NOTE: In order to apply for a Traffic permit, the contractor doing the work MUST have a valid Business License, and provide all items noted in the Requirements for ROW and Traffic Permit document. Your application will be considered incomplete if you do not have a valid Business License or provide the correct info.

A user must first register with the website in order to apply for a Traffic Permit.
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Enter a valid email address and choose a password

Once Registered, you may apply for a permit, license, schedule inspections, etc.

To Apply for a Permit, click Apply for a permit
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Select Traffic Permit from the dropdown.
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Enter the remaining pertinent information. *Note, fields with a red asterisk are required.

Enter the address for the permit application. If you are unable to find your address, select the closest address to where the work will be performed.
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Next, you must select a valid licensed contractor with an active Business License. The system will not let you move forward with the application unless you do.
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Upload Required Documentation by clicking browse to locate your document.
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Select one or multiple documents and click open.
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You will receive this message - click ok.
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Then click the Review and Submit button which will take you to the FINAL step of clicking Submit Application.

Click Submit Application.
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You will be notified via the email address you used during registration on whether your permit has been approved, so you may obtain your permit.

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