Required documentation for Right of Way and Traffic Permits

Before a Right-of-Way Permit will be issued, you must provide a Certification of Insurance and endorsements listing the City as an additional insured for Commercial General Liability and Auto Liability and (ii) waiving subrogation against the City for Commercial General Liability and Auto Liability. Please see Section 26-211 of the City Code for details. (View an example Certification of Insurance)

Bonding requirements for Right-of-Way Permits

Provide at least a Five Thousand Dollar ($5,000.00) performance and maintenance bond issued by a company approved by the United States Treasury Department to provide security and sureties. For a permit that involves numerous locations or more than one city block or five (500) feet of length of right-of-way, a higher bond may be required in the discretion of the City Engineer. (View an example Bond)

Workman's Compensation Insurance for Right-of-Way Permits

Workman’s Compensation insurance must be submitted when applying for a business license.

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