New Business License Application through Web Portal Instructions

Applying for a New Business License Application through Portal

A user must first register with the website in order to apply for a Business License.
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Enter a valid email address and choose a password

Once Registered, you may apply for a permit, license, schedule inspections, etc.

To Apply for a License, click

Enter pertinent information about the business. All fields are required.
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Enter the Business Owner information, if you (the registered portal user) are the owner, simply click use my contact information.
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Enter Contact and Mailing address information. They can choose to copy from Business Owner or enter new contact information.
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Enter the Physical location of the Business. If the business is not located in LS, they can choose "can't find address" and enter an address.
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Upload Required Documentation.
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Review and Submit.
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This will notify Development Services Office staff of the new Business License Application. They will verify the submittal and an email will be sent to you letting you know if it is incomplete and more items need to be uploaded or if it is complete and you can pay your fees and print your certificate.

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