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Rezoning with no Preliminary Development Plan
Review Type Outcome Est. Completion Completed
Planning Review Corrections 12/04/2018 11/30/2018
Hector Soto Jr. N/A
Legal Description
Corrective Action Required

Please submit an electronic copy of the legal description. Microsoft Word document or selectable text PDF are the preferred file formats. The legal description can be emailed to the planner's email address above.
Traffic Review No Comments 12/04/2018 11/29/2018
Michael Park N/A
Engineering Review Corrections 12/04/2018 11/20/2018
Gene Williams N/A
Corrective Action Required

A downstream receiving sanitary sewer analysis is required to be performed to determine whether the downstream system is capable of managing the increased sanitary sewer flows from this development. A “big picture” evaluation shall be done for the entire sanitary sewer system subwatershed. Evaluation of the system to the South Prairie Lee pump station will be required. These items were discussed during the February pre-application meeting.
Corrective Action Required

Gravity lines shall be used to the extent practical, with the possibility that certain lots be served by individual grinder pumps and private lines, connected to a public gravity line. The submitted plan shows 9 of the 21 lots with no indication of how they will be sewered. There is a concern these lots may not be sewerable based on the limited information provided. A more detailed layout of the proposed sanitary sewer lines (with profile views) is required.
Corrective Action Required

A sanitary sewer stub should be provided to the large acreage property to the west, in a suitable location based on topography.
Corrective Action Required

Water line placement, even though District #13, would be reviewed by the City for general layout. No information has been provided for water service to any of the proposed lots.
Corrective Action Required

The stormwater detention study that was submitted did not follow the current standard (i.e., we no longer use the pre-development peak flow rate versus post-development peak flow rate), and it did not include 40-hour extended detention for the water quality element. The report did not include any exhibits, figures or discussion of the pre-developed condition versus the post-developed condition. Without this information, detention criteria cannot be established to establish allowable release rates. A revised report shall be submitted. A brochure has been attached with general guidance for a stormwater report.
Assign Reviewers Complete 11/23/2018 11/19/2018
Joshua Johnson N/A
Fire Review No Comments 12/04/2018 11/16/2018
Jim Eden N/A
Title Location Date Time
Documents & Images
Date Uploaded File Type Document Name
11/16/2018 Receipt Receipt for transaction: 2018-007264
11/16/2018 Letter Routing Sheet
11/16/2018 Drawing Rezoning Map
12/03/2018 Letter Applicant Letter - Dev. Apps (DRCP)
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